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Say Goodbye to Black Boards!

No more Indian classrooms have chalk-duster boards. Now, they have digital boards to teach students.


Write With your finger!

Chalk & Duster seems to be an old story. Now, an instructor writes & erases with finger.

Record & Share Lectures!

How about recording lectures and reusing them? In a smart class, it is possible for teachers.

Show Videos in Classroom!

In smart class, a teacher shows images & videos to students to make lectures interesting & interactive.

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Go smart with IWB. It will add to your infrastructure & reputation. Contact us now.

Smart Class Revolution!

In India, interactive whiteboards have revolutionized the education system with modern techniques.


Visual Presenter in India
Instructional Technology to Demonstrate

Students tend to learn quickly through experience. And, how can we give them experience in Indian classrooms? By using visual presenter in classroom; it has 5 Mega Pixel Camera, LED Lights and A3 Shooting Surface and features to annotate on the captured image. Now, when a teacher/trainer/ instructor wants to show an object (like flower, leaf, model, ball, specimen, etc.) or a geographical map or a diagram, he/she can put that on the surface of visual presenter and show that to the entire class on a big projection screen.  Instead of pointing to the parts of object, a teacher can directly annotate on the image and save in the desired format.

Now, one may put logic that it is similar to a regular document camera. The answer is NO. A regular document camera is more like a scanner wherein you can capture and project images, but you cannot annotate and record videos. Using visual presenter, you can even record videos while annotating and explaining. It has inbuilt microphone to record your voice as well. And, just think you can record a live dissection in a classroom. It is an exceptionally good equipment to use in classroom and make lectures more interesting.

Watch the Demonstration Video of Visual Presenter, here

To buy visual presenter in India, call us @+91-9355106486.


Digital Podium & PA Podium in India

Power Podium
PA Podium

PA Podium has inbuilt amplifier, three speakers, twitter, relevant ports, LED light and gooseneck microphone. And, it comes with two wireless hand held microphones. Watch video of PA Podium, here

i-Touch Lectern
Digital Podium

Digital Podium has 23" touch monitor,
built-in pa system, gooseneck microphone, two wireless hand held microphone, HDMI
& other relevant ports, 5 Mega Pixel Visual Presenter and writing software. To know
more, download digital podium brochure.




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